Leading can be lonely. What you need is...

...faithful friends and good advice.

Let's walk together!

The Activate Network
We accompany leaders and churches

We are a network of churches and people, sharing the same views and interests for the advancement of God’s kingdom. We want to set things in motion, to unlock talents and potential and to start something new.

We are offering people in church leadership positions long-term support, trainings and personal coaching.


Our vision is to honor Christ, to train disciples, to connect leaders with one another, and to plant new churches as well as to strengthen existing ones.


We want to encourage you in your everyday life. Stay up to date and be encouraged!


FINISH – Start well and end well

Our 2021 Activate Conference will take place online on October 23, 2021. More info and the registration here:

weiterLEITEN ("Lead on")

weiterLEITEN (“Lead on”) is our new video series with short leadership inputs and impulses (5-10 minutes) from Wayne Neuper every week.



We have a vision for 2021: We want to visit 35 churches with teams of two to strength, encourage and strengthen our relationship with the churches. We want to come to your region as well! If you are interested, contact us at:

Current reports

An encouraging report from the Ukraine

On the border of the eastern Ukraine, almost in the grey war zone, is a church that is in every way salt and light in its very challenging environment. The lead couple, Slava and Sasha Balaguraslava, have been connected relationally to us for more than 10 years and it...

Baptisms in Kazakhstan

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." Dierk, Waldemar and Olga from our Activate Network Team are in Kazakhstan and are baptising new believers. What started as an online bible school on Zoom during the strict lockdown is developing into a real and...

Meeting with the CZB Bielefeld leadership team

As part of our meeting with the elders team in Bielefeld, we were able to view their new rooms. The hall renovation has been a huge success. It was also very encouraging to hear how God provided for them. We could really rejoice with our friends at CZB and have been...

Four days answering the Macedonian call!

We have just spent four days with pastors, their wives and some key leaders from 15 churches in Macedonia. And what a rich time it was! Through much teaching, many discussions and lots of meals together we were able to impart some fresh ideas and...

Church in Nepal: “Our cow died…”

This is how the group speaker begins to share the results of her group discussion. I am with 40 leaders from three Nepalese churches in Lichki Ramche – a village of about 3,000 people located 375 km east, or a 17-hour jeep ride, from Kathmandu. We...

Cornerstone Church, Bad Bentheim

Our visit to Bad Bentheim confirmed a growing relationship between us and the church leadership and solidified the partnership relationship with the whole church. We were surprised by the friendliness and openness we encountered and it was a real joy...

A lot to be amazed at in CZB in Bielefeld

Last weekend we served at the Christian Center Bielefeld, a partner church of the Activate network. Meeting with old friends from the elder team as well as area leaders and key leaders from the church was an inspiration and an encouragement. In...


Our Activate Plus training is a high-level training programme designed to accompany church leaders and potential church planters over an extended period of time on a personal basis. 

A training is not running at this time but more information about our trainings is available here.


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