We organize conferences on a regular basis. Currently, most of these are taking place online. Sign up and connect with us!


Our Activate Conference 2021 will take place online on October 23, 2021. More info will follow soon.

connect weekends

We regularly invite you to “Activate Connect” weekends – networking meetings to make new contacts and refresh old ones.




A network is based on contact and relationship. It sounds logical but it’s so challenging in the current situation. That’s why we’ve started an encouragement series on Facebook and Instagram.

Leaders and pastors from our network talk about their challenges but also their encounters with God. They share their ideas and thoughts. We hope you feel encouraged!

André Nickel

tells us what he think was encouraging during the Activate Connect in Kaufbeuren.

Justin and Rahel Long

were encouraged by a prophetic word at the last Activate Connect in Kaufbeuren.

Gerfried Schmidt

tells us about a baptism and prayer week that took place despite the current situation.

Christoph Währer

encourages leaders to never give up. Trust in the Lord, he is mighty and strong!


Anthony Rist

encourages us with: “Don‘t throw away your confidence! Jesus is still king and is still on the throne!”

Thomas Neumann

says: God has a perfect plan even if a difficult time goes on longer than expected.

Ruben Metzke

and his church have thought of a special Christmas event to bring Jesus to the people.

Mark Blundell

says: remember how God stood by you and fought for you in situations where you needed help. He is and will be faithful.


Ronny Becker

when we come under fire, we should be willing to show our weaknesses instead of hiding.


tells us what progress has been made at the Cornerstone Church after the Activate Online Conference 2020.

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We’ve collected impressions, reports and thoughts from past events. After all, remembering is just as important as experiencing.

Feedback on the Activate Online Conference 2020

Feedback on the Activate Online Conference 2020

"Small steps, big impact" was the topic of the Activate of the Activate Conference 2020 with the goal of helping churches making the small but important steps in leading a church. This conference...

A look back at our Activate Connect

A look back at our Activate Connect

"Old friends - New contacts" was the motto this year for our church leaders and pastors. What a great and special time! Some of the attendees have told us about their time there as part of our...

JESUSlive Conference 2019/2020

JESUSlive Conference 2019/2020

The conference was a highlight for many young people once more. What is really special is that there is a completely different atmosphere every year and God Himself makes the focus of the conference...

Activate Conference 2019 in Dresden

Activate Conference 2019 in Dresden

The 1st Activate Conference with the theme "Build to last" had participants from 14 nations and 12 German churches. The conference was a great mix of connecting, being inspired and growing...