Our Network


Our network is made up of numerous partnerships and relationships with churches across the world. All cities and regions are listed here.

We are excited about every new relationship and we hope that every new connection brings encouragement, new impulses and growth.


    • Dresden
    • Meißen
    • Brandenburg a.d.H.
    • Bautzen
    • Reutlingen
    • Bielefeld
    • Pasewalk
    • Eberswalde
    • Berlin
    • Schwerin
    • Kaufbeuren
    • Lünen
    • Teltow


      • England
      • The Netherlands
      • Ukraine
      • Slovenia
      • Bulgaria
      • Czech Republic
      • Poland
      • Norway
      • Estonia
      • Russia
      • Macedonia
      • Finland    


        • Cambodia
        • Nepal
        • Ethiopia
        • Kazakhstan

        (some of these are partnerships with missionary societies)


        An encouraging report from the Ukraine

        An encouraging report from the Ukraine

        On the border of the eastern Ukraine, almost in the grey war zone, is a church that is in every way salt and light in its very challenging...

        Baptisms in Kazakhstan

        Baptisms in Kazakhstan

        "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." Dierk, Waldemar and Olga from our Activate Network Team are in Kazakhstan and are baptising new...

        Church in Nepal: “Our cow died…”

        Church in Nepal: “Our cow died…”

        This is how the group speaker begins to share the results of her group discussion. I am with 40 leaders from three Nepalese churches in Lichki...

        Cornerstone Church, Bad Bentheim

        Cornerstone Church, Bad Bentheim

        Our visit to Bad Bentheim confirmed a growing relationship between us and the church leadership and solidified the partnership relationship...


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