This is how the group speaker begins to share the results of her group discussion. I am with 40 leaders from three Nepalese churches in Lichki Ramche – a village of about 3,000 people located 375 km east, or a 17-hour jeep ride, from Kathmandu.

We were looking at the passage in 1 Timothy 2 about prayer and then broke into small groups to discuss the question, “How can we strengthen prayer in the church?” The woman continued, “My family told me to take away the carcass of the cow. I prayed, and the cow came back to life.”

Two-week outreach in Nepal

Her conclusion: “We should pray more for our cattle!” That’s how it is here in Nepal. The church is used to experiencing extraordinary things in prayer with God, especially in the areas of healing and casting out demons. But at the same time, it seems to me there is a great need for Bible teaching and leadership training. That’s why we came here – seven people from the Christian Center Bielefeld (CZB) for a two-week outreach, that was planned together by the Youth Missionary Fellowship (JMG) and the CZB.

Prayer and healings

In addition to the leadership conference in Lichki Ramche, we hosted three “Fire Conferences” for churches in Kathmandu, Parsa and Sisneri. In total, we were able to minister to local Christians on eight of the fourteen days. In this predominantly Hindu society, Christians have a difficult time and are grateful for all support. At all the conferences there were times when we prayed for the sick, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and the release of spiritual gifts, among other things. There were also many testimonies, such as healings, being filled with the Holy Spirit, receiving tongues, and strong encounters with Jesus.

The trip was really worth it especially to be in the middle of what God is doing in Nepal at the moment.

Greetings from Adnan Yaqub, Christian Center Bielefeld, Germany.